DS332A LED Directional / Warning Bar

General Details

The VS-DS332A LED Directional/Warning Bar with its eye-catching chase sequence of light patterns. This directional light is available in  eight-lamp configurations. Each LED module contains 4 high-powered LEDs. Eight sealed LED modules are securely mounted to an aluminum base.

Bars are easy to install with included mounting brackets and may be used in either interior or exterior applications. Low profile allows mounting in the rear window of police vehicles or great for use in DOT/construction truck applications.

Paired with switches, systems can do a variety of warning signals including: left, right, center-out and flash warning.


  • 7-wires and required to program and control the lights.
  • Units can be operated independently.
  • Each LED module contains 4 high-powered LEDs
  • Self-contained (no external flasher required) w/ built-in flash patterns.
  • Flash patterns can be selected to meet all requirements.
  • Directional Patterns:
    Left: 9 flash patterns are included.
    Right: 9 flash patterns are included .
    Center out: 9 flash patterns are included.
  • Warning Patterns: 44 flash patterns are included .
  • Sealed modules are weatherproof & perfect for exterior use.
  • Includes 2 sets of Mounting Brackets.
  • One-piece,aluminum housing.
  • Fast installation and low amperage draw.