GL3001601 LED Flasher

General Details
VS Signal LED Flasher
VS-GL3001601 Series:
The GL3001601 Series LED Flashers is designed for the V8 series sirens. 2-Wire Technology connectivity with all VS Signal GL3xxA(B)(C) series LED Deck & Grille Lights.

  • Programing the light heads flash patterns through the hand held controler of V8 sirens.
  • More than 60 flash patterns.
  • Reverse polarity protected.
  • All electronics are epoxy encapsulated for vibration and weather resistance.
  • Waterproof design,For exterior use.
  • Voltage: 10-16VDC
  • GL3001601-12: Twelve outlet, 12 channel.
  • GL3001601-8: Eight outlet, 8 channel.
  • GL3001601-4: Four outlet, 4 channel.