V0-1 Low Frequency Siren | V01

V0-1 Low Frequency Siren is an add-on to any VS Signal Warning, which is intended and approved for use as a secondary acoustic siren.

General Details
V0-1 LFS is not a replacement to the vehicle’s primary siren, it adds a minimum 7.5  seconds penetrating burst of low frequency siren sound for use in heavy traffic, intersections or other high ambient noise conditions.


  • VS-V6,V7 or V8 Series Sirens,can work with any sweeping tone in addition to the primary siren.  The low-frequency tones are synchronous with your primary siren tones to penetrate high noise, high traffic situations.
  • Remote Switching : A positive signal from the primary siren’s Auxiliary output remotely activates the low frequency tone.
  • Automatic Activation: The low frequency tone will automatically turn on individually when “6S”, “10S VS AUTO” or “MAN” Button is turned on.(V7-1 Plus,V7-2 Plus,V8-1 Plus,V8-2 Plus Only)
  • Digital Connection:The V0-1 LFS Amplifier connects the primary siren via  RJ-45 Cable instead of using  the primary siren speaker output wires.
  • Select tone duration and tone style via DIP switch, Selection of 8 different tone durations: 7.5/15/22.5/30/37.5/45/52.5/60 seconds,Selection of 2 different tone style:1/4 tone or 1/2 tone.
  • Operates one or two Low-frequency Speaker(s).


  • Siren Amplifier with one Speaker. ( Second speaker is optional.)
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