V5-2 Plus 200 Watt Stealth Siren | V52P

V5-2 siren is a new siren without controller. Easily control all lights and siren functions via horn ring and headlight/foglight switch. The unit is microprocessor controlled and rated for two 100-watt(11 ohms) speakers.

General Details

  • Reduction in the size and weight of the amplifier and improved vibration resistance.
  • Auto Siren Mode: In this mode, the preset siren tone will automatically turn on when light control switch is turned on, the preset siren tone may be programmed.
  • Intelligent Hands Free Operation: Hands free siren control via horn ring, including Air Horn, Manual siren tone and preset siren tone, the preset siren tone may be programmed. It allows you to effortlessly scroll through siren functions on steering wheel without having to take your eyes off the road.
  • For heat Dissipation: Heat sink attaches to the outside of the aluminous casing for heat dissipation with automated circulating fan controlled by thermo.
  • Single-Channel, operates two 100-watt(11 ohms) speakers.
  • Horn Ring Transfer.
  • (2) 10-amp relay outputs.


  • Tone 1: User
  • Tone 2: User
  • Tone 3: User
  • Tone 4: User

Extensive programmability for user:

  • (2) Programmable Manual siren tones.
  • (5) Programmable AirHorn tones.
  • (7) Programmable Yelp tones.
  • (7) Programmable Wail tones.
  • (7) Programmable Fast Wail tones.
  • (7) Programmable Piercer tones.