V6-2 Plus 200W Handheld Remote Siren | V62P

Easily control all light and siren functions from this compact hand held controller with built-in microphone. The unit is microprocessor controlled and rated for two 100-watt(11 ohms) speakers. Compact control is ideal for multiple applications including undercover vehicles and vehicles with limited interior space.

General Details
V6-2 siren followed the City and Highway tone modes from V7 series. It is the pioneer in the industry that creates the “City and Highway” Tone Modes.  This considered the upgrade from the previous Single and Dual tone mode. The city mode has the simple goal, which is to minimize the noise.  The highway mode can simulate the effect of multiple sirens, thus the siren can be more noticeable and the road can be cleared on time.

V6-2 Plus Siren is an enhanced version of the V6-2.


  • Reduction in the size and weight of the amplifier and improved vibration resistance.
  • Hands Free operation: Air Horn control via horn ring.
  • 2-way Light Control switches( On/Off and  Momentary can be programmed through Light B Button, individually).
  • Hand held Siren/Light control with built-in microphone.
  • Hand held with red backlighting.
  • Unique “10S VS Auto”tone:  This design is for quickly drawing attention from the cross road traffic.
  • Microphone volume adjusted by hand held.
  • Microphone recording playback.
  • For heat Dissipation: Heat sink attaches to the outside of the aluminous casing for heat dissipation with automated circulating fan controlled by thermo.
  • Auto Siren Mode: In this mode, the preset siren tone will automatically turn on when “Light A” Button is turned on, the preset siren tone may be programmed.
  • Hands Free operation: Hands free siren control via horn ring, including Air Horn or Manual siren tone.
  • Extensive programmability:
    (4) Programmable AirHorn tones.
    (3) Programmable Manual siren tones.
    (3) Programmable Yelp tones.
    (3) Programmable Wail tones.
    (3) Programmable Piercer tones.
    (3) Programmable Fast Wail tones.
    (3) Programmable Hi/Lo tones.
    (3) Programmable Alert tones.